Ors in the liver or other places. Ct scans take longer than regular x-rays. You need to lie still on a table while they are being done. During the test, the table slides in and out of the scanner, a ring-shaped machine that surrounds the table. viagra tadalafil 20mg side effects You might feel a bit confined by the ring you have to lie in while the pictures are being taken. cheap generic viagra Spiral ct (also known as helical ct) is now used in many medical centers. This type of ct scan uses a faster machine and gives pictures with more details. You may also have an iv (intravenous) line through which you get a dye. much viagra cost canada This helps better outline structures in your body. buy viagra online Some people are allergic to the dye and get hives or, rarely, problems like trouble breathing and low blood pressure. Be sure to tell the doctor if you have any allergies or have ever had a problem from any dye used for x-rays. You may also be asked to drink 1 to 2 pints of a liquid that helps outline the intestine so that it is not mistaken for tumors. Mri (magnetic resonance imaging): mri scans can be very helpful in looking at liver cancers. Sometimes they can tell a benign tumor from one that is cancer. viagra samples They can also be used to look at blood vessels in and around the liver and can help show if liver cancer has spread to other parts of the body. buy cheap viagra Mri scans use radio waves and strong magnets instead of x-rays to take pictures. A computer makes the pattern of radio waves into a detailed picture of parts of the body. viagra soft wiki Mri scans take longer than ct scans. online sale viagra You may be inside a large tube-like machine for the scan, which some people do not like. how 2 use viagra Newer, more open mri machines can sometimes be used instead. Angiography: angiography is an x-ray method used to look at blood vessels. A dye is put into (injected) an artery before the x-rays are taken. viagra without prescription The dye outlines the blood vessels on the pictures, showing which ones take blood to the liver cancer. This can help surgeons decide whether the cancer can be removed and, if so, how best to plan the operation. This test can be uncomfortable because a tiny tube (catheter) has to be threaded from the groin up into the liver artery. Usually drugs.