Of my medical records at the va today and there are copies of two c&p reports. sells generic viagra canada   one is for ptsd (turned down), the other for ihd. cheap viagra   the report on ihd includes the following questions and answers: does the veteran have ihd? female viagra newsweek   yesis the veteran on continuous meds? viagra kopen   yesmyocardial infarction?   yes mets >5-7 (based on veteran-provided information, not on testing)lvef >55% (based on testing) is this enough information for you to determine what the approximate disability rating will be? generic viagra free shipping It also states that my usual work was construction/carpentry, requiring lifting of heavy objects and other strenuous activities i would not be able to perform due to ihd. viagra for sale Also, fyi, my wife volunteers at the va and the va recently distributed a large plastic card to all primary care providers (and possibly others) outlining the types of chemical exposure that could have caused various diseases (the diseases were not named) and gave a phone number to call for help with diagnosis, etc. female viagra newsweek Interact my recent posts reply quote louf  #9 [url] [-] posts: 10053 08/08/12 06:08:14   10,000 plus post... Can take 40 mg viagra Those 2 numbers will rate you at 30% for the ihd. Viagra pill jokes Not enough by itself to qualify you for iu. buy viagra To qualify for iu, you need to have a combined rating of at least 70% with a single disability of 40%. http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-canadian-pharmacy-viagra-no-prescription-ex/ Not knowing what your ptsd rating is, that could give you the numbers though. viagra goes generic For instance if you get 50% for ptsd then that would give you 65% rounded up to 70%. http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-viagra-prescriptions-mn/ You can also apply for depression since the ihd prevents you from working and i know personally that can be very depressing. over the counter viagra dubai The va doesn't rate that seperrately but it could enhance your ptsd claim. low price viagra online It certainly did for me. female viagra newsweek I have 60% ihd, and when i had my iu c&p, the examiner opined that i could infact work at a sedentary job and that is very common since infact you can sit on your butt or sell cars or whatever. I demonstrated that my ptsd etc. viagra online Prevented me from doing that kind of work as well. buy cheap viagra Lou  ssgsanta fe nm4/21 11lib americal 1/69-8/7050% ptsd60% ihd100% iu p&t     interac. buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra
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